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srp_0054-2Dynamic Cultural Management (DCM) is a business/corporate blog published by Dr. Aparajita (AJ) Jeedigunta, the CEO of Dynamic Cultural Consultants Group, LLC (DCCG). Dynamic Cultural Management examines scientific thought and data within the fields of diversity and inclusion, leadership, management, training, entrepreneurship, and, professional development within the business sector. Using a rigorous multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary approach, DCM illuminates culturally competent and socially responsible initiatives that help organizations and their diverse workforces create sustainable and healthy organizational cultures.

About Dr. Aparajita (AJ) Jeedigunta

Dr. Aparajita (AJ) Jeedigunta is a cultural diversity expert, with a doctorate in Social-Personality Psychology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Her areas of academic expertise are: Interpersonal communications, group dynamics, organizational psychology, immigrant psychology, Asian psychology, cross-cultural psychology, diversity, inclusion, prejudice, discrimination, gender psychology, human sexuality, and, social psychology. AJ has over 10 years of experience in raising diversity and inclusion awareness,  increasing education and training, managing culturally competent diversity events, and, public speaking, in the Midwest and in Hawai’i. After completing her doctorate, AJ used her extensive academic knowledge and background to develop a comprehensive multi-level model of human influences. When applied to group behavior, this highly adaptive model can predict the most effective strategies that will enact system-wide changes encompassing all hierarchies of an organization. AJ is also the owner and author of a blog called Cultural Conundrums, which she uses to examine cultural nuances in everyday American lives.   She spends her time traveling around the United States educating diverse work groups, management groups and executives about implementing culturally competent inclusion initiatives.